Tuesday, November 3, 2015

On Nutella

I have come to the conclusion that we as a society are misusing Nutella.  A dizzying array of recipes that make use of this condiment can be found.  All sorts of cookies, cakes, brownies, morning pastries, quick breads, candies, drinks, ice creams, scones, waffles, are being stuffed or mixed with Nutella every day.  And I think it might be time to put an end to it.  I must, however, confess here that I too have done these exact things with Nutella in the past.  But it stops now

But not because I'm "over" Nutella.  Of course I am not "over" it, that would be insane!  Though I'm probably behind on my trendy candy-like condiments, as I'm under the impression that Biscoff is now the popular one.

But because Nutella isn't the extrovert that we make it out to be.  Being around others actually ennervates Nutella, making its deliciousness - that thick, rich, chocolatey hazelnutty goodness- less strong, less prominent - overall, less Nutella-y!

So how can we keep Nutella its wonderful Nutella self?  How do we make sure it keeps up its strength?  By letting it be the introvert that it is!  It needs some room, some space to breathe.  It doesn't want to feel smothered by a glut of ingredients. It doesn't want to make small talk with a bunch of strangers like flour, mascarpone, pistachio, and caramel in your latest incarnation of a poundcake.  Nutella is at its happiest when sitting atop a nice crusty bread (mayyybe buttered and with a little bit of salt) or served with some crepes, or maybe, just maybe, hanging out with some close friends like bananas or strawberries or a sprinkling of hazelnuts.  But that is it.  And to really let Nutella shine?  Just take a spoonful right from the jar :)

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