Who Am I?

Hmm, good question! I think I am still trying to figure this out!  Some things that I do know about myself?
   -I am an expat mama to two kids and two cats
   -I love tinkering around in the kitchen and eating food.  And thinking about food.
   - I particularly love eating lebkuchen.
   - I am obsessed with chapstick.  I always seem to come back to Burts Bees, no matter which other brands I try.
   - I enjoy learning the language of our new home - Germany.  I read it much better than I speak it, however.
   - I don't make very good fashion choices.  I enjoy being comfortable.  I'm fairly certain one would also describe me as "frazzled."
   - I need coffee.  Always.
   - I love a good scarf.
Need to contact me?  Feel free to email me at jennifer.l.kendall@gmail.com

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