What is this blog?

Hmm, another good question!  I don't really know the answer to this! Though I know I'm supposed to have this all figured out, as well as a niche target audience and marketing plan to go along with that. But I don't.  This is just me and my thoughts on things going on with me, which, most likely, will be topics like
FOOD! Stuff like recipes and thoughts about food.  I had a food blog previously, so this is a topic I love :)

And hopefully/maybe other things like -
KIDS! I have two of these, so they consume a lot of my thoughts.
CRAFTY THINGS!  Because of the previous topic, this stuff comes up
LIVING in GERMANY! Being an expat has now become a large part of our family's identity
CATS! Yay for cats!
POLITICS, SOCIAL JUSTICE-Y things! - I imagine that a smattering of posts will deal with these topics

But most likely, food will be the thing - I am obsessed with it!

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