Tuesday, February 16, 2016

On hardy winter carrots

As winter takes its last few roars before slinking into the shadows, I think it is a good time to give some love to carrots.  And not the pretty slim carrots, all fresh and new with springy, curly tops and possibly available in a rainbow of colors.  Those are, of course, wonderful.  But those are a discussion for another day.  I am talking about those strong and hardy ones we have in winter. Possibly available by the kilogram in plastic bags.  Those ones.

Winter can be a haunting time.  Some days, the world becomes alien and unfamiliar.  Color is drained from the sky, the forests, and the earth, leaving behind only a scale of gray.  Darkness lurks behind every corner.  And sometimes, it drags a bit of sadness with it.

Fun rituals can help, however.  Every Wednesday we have "Super Cozy Science Happy Hour," in which we try new beers, light candles, and watch astronomy/physics shows on YouTube.  Tackling a new project also helps - I am currently trying to needlepoint a table runner with constellations. Because dork.  And food definitely helps.  Definitely.

Almost all of those warm and comforting foods - the meals that are a refuge for a winter-weary soul - start with carrots. From beef bourguignon to spaghetti bolognese to shepherd's pie to coq au vin - those classic dishes all have carrots.  Those long, thick orange root vegetables, once cooked, become the basis of winter's sanctuary right there in your own kitchen.  Their buttery soft, orangey sweetness becomes part and parcel to home.  A beacon of hope and love in the darkness.

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